If you find high speed and quality internet service in Cambodia, please don’t hesitate to contact MaxBIT. Below is our company information. Visit our location by link https://goo.gl/wHwWLs
Our online representative and support team is always ready to help. Your needs are always our highest priority, and we dedicate ourselves for service excellence.

Company information No. 229E1, Str. 182, Teuk Laak II (12157), Toul Kork, Phnom Penh. By Phone 24/7 Support

Maximum Business Information Technology (MaxBIT)
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We also offer wholesale to businesses and retail shops with great discount.
Hotline : +(855)23-996-996
: +(855)17-866-550
E-mail : sales@maxbit.com.kh
Tel : +(855)89-887-800
: +(855)17 866 550
E-mail : sales@maxbit.com.kh
Pre Sales : +(855)98 495 588   |   099 495 588

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